Book 1: Alive

Enter the dimension of the Tweens, a realm between Heaven and Earth. Here souls are prepared by guiding spirits to encounter the challenges of the mortal world.

Terra has existed here as a guide for mortal bound souls for centuries. She has been frozen in her purpose and her habits for her entire existence. But when Terra meets Liam her telescopic view of love, human nature and the mortal world is irrevocably altered. She must send him to his mortal life to face unspeakable suffering and loss. Terra must act to save Liam if there is any hope for him to avoid being sacrificed to slow the spread of an unseen evil that is contaminating Earth.

This epic tale of good versus evil examines the age-old question of “why me” that all earth-bound travelers must ask. The Corporeal Pull is a story of love that transcends both time and the mortal plane. This action-packed love adventure will invite you in and leave you breathless!

Book 2: Aware

The world as we know it has become a mask for something far more sinister and only Terra of the Tweens stands between humanity and the hidden evil that seeks to destroy it. But she cannot fight alone. With time running out, fighting a lonely battle against legions of corrupted spirits and her hopes of success waning, she must find a way to warn humanity’s other guiding spirits, and protect her soul mate Liam from the Scourge.

Will Terra succeed? Will she and Liam have a future together? Will humanity have any future at all?

Book 3: Anointed

Terra must get to Liam before the scourge claims him. But doing so means going out on her own and gambling with both of their lives. The decision is made, and a series of events that will end everything, one way or another, is set into motion.

When Terra and Liam are reunited as human beings, the experience life-altering.
Terra’s solo journey must change if she wants to permanently save Liam or humanity.

Can she get the help she needs? And if help comes, can she accept it?