Publishing: Presentation Counts

If you are planning to self publish, formatting falls to the author, or to a third party who is hired to do the job. If you are comfortable with Microsoft Word, and reasonably computer savvy, then formatting is something you likely can do yourself. We have all heard the old adage, "Don't judge a book … Continue reading Publishing: Presentation Counts

Publishing: Formatting

In my last post, I discussed the CRUCIAL step of editing your book. As much as editing prepares your novel to become a professional, complete product, formatting takes your writing and gives it the professional finished look that you are accustomed to seeing within digital and print books. If you are planning to publish traditionally, … Continue reading Publishing: Formatting

Publishing – The Completed Book and Editing

Most would-be authors have dreamed of writing that first book far before they reach that goal. To put things in perspective, a novella is around 30,000 words, a novel should be around 80,000, and an epic approached 120,000 words. In comparison to the 1,00 word essays we once dreaded, the completed book is a mammoth … Continue reading Publishing – The Completed Book and Editing