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My Review of Revenge of the Sea by Jesse Giles Christiansen


Revenge of the Sea is book three in the seafaring series that began with the haunting story of Pelican Bay. This novel finds the main character, Ethan, older and wiser as the result of his past experiences with the unforgettable Captain Shelby, a character of unworldly abilities that was closely tied the nautical world. Captain Shelby is relegated to the memories of Ethan as is his failed romance. Ethan is left with his faithful Aunt Sidney, who is aged, yet refreshingly full of wonder.

This edition begins with an odd discovery; the beach is covered with the remains of countless dead starfish. When Ethan finds the starfish, he also sees a shadowy figure on the beach; one who seems to be tied to the peculiar starfish deaths.

The new situation forces Ethan to seek the help of his ex, Morgan. This drudges up long buried emotions, but she does not give him any immediate help. Ethan seeks the help of an attractive new character, but returns home to find the mysterious stranger confronting Sidney. As the inexplicable sea plague continues to affect more ocean creatures the crisis takes on a haunting tone that supersedes science and makes Ethan suspect that Captain Shelby’s haunting tie to the ocean may be involved.

Who is this ghostly stranger? Is the wave of dead sea creatures caused by science or something more supernatural? Can Ethan get past the haunting of his past to find love and free himself of the nautical world that holds him almost as completely as it did the sea captain who started it all? I recommend that you read to find out!

Don’t miss out!  Order here!

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