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Witnessing the destruction of his brother was a surreal experience. The Hidden One could not be sure that the female entity had not seen him. How could he return to the Master, his father with this news? Spiritual entities could not be destroyed. He and his brother were the most powerful warriors among the Scourge. His father exceeded even them. But none of them could destroy an entity. The memory of the strange battle did not clarify how the impossible had somehow happened. The event was burned into his memory.

The blond entity confronted the Brazen One with no hint of fear. As she clung to him with unmatched resolve The Hidden One had watched in silence. The fight between the corporeal entities and the Scourge was intense. They each wanted to keep control over the same human bodies.

“Seth, get off of him!” A teenager with dark hair shouted as he rushed into the fight. He had no regard for his own safety as he tackled Seth. The smaller child scrambled away from the scuffle.

“Liam, No!” the blond gasped as she grappled with the Brazen One.
The escaped boy ran towards the door. The older woman was standing guard. She grasped him by his hair as he tried to push past her. He pulled away. They needed this child’s body. No member of the family was to be left intact.

“He is getting away!” The woman screeched.

“Go after him!” bellowed the man. “We won’t be able to add any more children from the state if he escapes and alerts anybody. He’s a liability until we can get that little moral streak removed and replaced with something more suitable for us.” The Scourge already took all but the two children. This simple task suddenly was changed completely.
“The door?” shrieked the woman.

“Just go! If the others want in, they’ll come in. No door will keep them away.”
From the shadows Hidden had watched the blond girl tangle with his brother. She ripped away The Brazen One’s energy to manifest, and then propelled him to the ceiling with velocity that would have killed a living creature. He writhed against her invisible hold as she followed him to his perch. She should have been no match for him. She struggled against him uselessly as the mortals battled below them. The Silent One stood by in the shadows of obscurity. He never came to his brother’s aid because he had been so confident that his brother could take care of this one small female entity that dared to resist. She already was separated from her mortal body. She should have been vulnerable, yet she fought on. The Brazen One pinned her to the ceiling with force that should have mutilated her form. She ripped more of Brazen’s energy to manifest away with little effort. A gurgling gasping sound came from his brother as he struggled against the girl. Hidden did not step forward. What good would it do to put himself in the path of danger?

Brazen battled back; he permeated the woman with his evil. The Hidden One fought back laughter. He would enjoy witnessing this warrior’s conversion to the Scourge. No entity could be immune.

“Ahhh, what are you?” screamed the blond girl. She attempted to pull away from Brazen, but something changed during the exchange; now the two seemed to be bound to one another. Brazen did not resist, he began to shake, cackle with amusement.

As the two struggled, Hidden noticed that the girl weakened. Her resistance to Brazen’s attack faded. He was certain that he would witness her defeat within moments. Suddenly, a white glow emanated from her. There was an unfamiliar whirring sound that gained intensity with each passing moment. Brightness closed around Brazen as he struggled to distance himself from the woman. His form began to flex and change as though he was being wrung out. Brazen gave a shrieking cry as his form was mangled into an unrecognizable shape by the flow of white light that continued to increase in intensity. The woman held tight to her attacker as Brazen’s scream faded to a final gasp. And then the moment came that changed everything; with a shockwave that reverberated through the entire house, his brother suddenly ceased to exist.

Somehow, this slight woman with wispy blond hair had found a way to do what no other could; she destroyed an entity completely. How could it even be possible?
The Hidden One replayed the memory, hoping for some sign he was mistaken. Each recollection only cemented the truth. The Brazen One’s confidence was foolish. Now, his reign of terror was over. The moments after the destruction were less clear.
As Hidden tried to understand the events that he had witnessed, a small commotion reclaimed his attention. The garrison of Scourge entities was leaving, fleeing in the wake of the white light that had receded taking The Brazen one with it.

The Hidden One decided that he would make his escape. He would take a mortal body for himself. A young teenager had joined the fight between the humans. He was the one the blond warrior had called Liam. As Hidden watched, Liam was determined to restrain another boy. His distraction made him vulnerable to unseen attacks. The Hidden One made his decision. He would take the boy’s body for himself. That would serve as punishment for the strange woman’s annihilation of his only brother. He would take what she seemed to value. He would make her suffer. He knew not to expose himself to the woman’s attack. Brazen was foolish in that way. Hidden attempted to use his gift of stealth to position himself perfectly. He would take the child and disappear before she could realize what was happening. His progress towards the boy was slow and tedious. The battle for the use of the human family’s bodies created the perfect distraction. As he maneuvered among the shadows, another entity turned his attention on the boy he had chosen for himself. The Hidden One found himself conflicted. Interfering with the giant Scourge entity’s intention to take the body would be an easy task. Corporeal entities were no match for him. However, doing so would mean exposing himself. That would put him on a collision course with the strange entity who had decimated his twin. The giant made short work of the vulnerable teen. The owner of the mortal body was left crumpled on the floor in a matter of moments. A disembodied woman rushed towards him as he watched his body walk away without him.

After Brazen was gone the female descended from her perch. Her sapphire blue eyes glistened as she subdued each remaining Scourge with efficiency. As she surveyed the scene of destruction, her eyes stopped on the young man whose body had been stolen moments earlier.

“Oh Liam, I’m so sorry,” she said as she rushed to his side. As she approached him, she reached towards him. Her hands were scorched and blackened.

“Terra? You’re here! Carol, Terra wasn’t destroyed! We thought the thing had ended you when the blast went through the room.” The young man embraced her protectively.

“No, I’m here. Look at you, though. We have to find a way to fix this; you can’t stay here in this form.” The blond girl, who Hidden now knew was called Terra rushed forward and rested her head against Liam’s chest.

Hidden used this touching moment to remove himself from danger. He would have to warn his father of this new threat to his plan.


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