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Announcing an enchanting new book, Aware!


Aware Digital Cover

Brought to you by Sara B. Gauldin, author of the critically acclaimed book, Alive!

The world as we know it has become a mask for something far more sinister and only Terra of the Tweens stands between humanity and the hidden evil that seeks to destroy it. But she cannot fight alone. With time running out, fighting a lonely battle against legions of corrupted spirits and her hopes of success waning, she must find a way to warn humanity’s other guiding spirits, and protect her soul mate Liam from the scourge.

Will Terra succeed? Will she and Liam have a future together? Will humanity have any future at all? Reenter the world of Terra and Liam and find out in book two of the Corporeal Pull series!

Check out this sneak peek from Aware!

Introducing the Scourge Master!

The distinctive sound of screams echoed down the industrial hall ways. The undulating figure shook with annoyance at the sound of the tortured cries.
“Silence that noise!” he bellowed.
“Yes master, I will quiet the resistant ones,” said the horribly disfigured soul. “Are you sure we cannot simply destroy them, Master?”

“Claw you fool, I can’t destroy them. We can maul and disfigure the once human entities. Corporeal trash is ripe for the taking! We can make them long for an end they can never have, but there is no way to destroy a disembodied entity.” A fresh round of screams echoed through the room.
“And if they don’t see reason Master?” the transparent henchman’s eyes rolled, accentuating their pitch-black appearance as they drifted in their spiritual sockets.
“They will join us, or we’ll contain them. If they’re allowed to roam free, they may try to resist. Not that it would do them any good. I will have no delays. Each human life I take over is one closer to total conversion. This world will be mine!”
“What will you do with it?” asked Claw. His remaining appendages scraped the aging tile floor as he edged toward the door. His master would not tolerate his presence for long.
“I will bring it to darkness. And those guides in the Tweens will not see it coming!” the Master’s voice raised an octave to a shrill wheeze. “They think they are so high and mighty; the ancient guides overlooking all that human purpose and gawking at all that goes on here on Earth. They think they are infallible, but they can’t even recognize the flaw in their design!” The wheezing voice terminated in a maniacal laugh that emulated the effect of nails on a blackboard.
“The fools! They have no idea!” Claw attempted to bolster his master’s sudden improvement in mood. “Why don’t they know we are here taking over their charges again? I thought the guides were constantly connected with the thoughts and feeling of every charge they send to a human life?”

The Master’s jovial tone evaporated as quickly as it had appeared. “You’re the fool, Claw. You scuttle around like you understand all that goes on around you. You’re clueless! I don’t know why I keep you around.”
“My apologies’ Master,” Claw cowered at the admonishment. He did not wish to re-live the torment that had left him with misshapen limbs at his master’s hand. He had earned the name he now claimed as his own.
“Never mind,” the grey ferment of the Master’s skin rippled over the outline of his face, accentuating his lack of mortal features as he spoke. “The guides cannot see us take their charges because they only look at the Earth through human eyes.”
“Right, and humans can’t see an entity without a body normally. Their mind won’t let them perceive the spiritual energy around them.”
“Or even within them for many,” said the Master. “It’s almost too easy! The Guides will never come here. They stay in their comfortable little roost in the Tweens and do the biding of the One. The One; what a joke! Has anyone ever even seen them?” The Master was delighted by the simplicity of his plan.
“Why don’t they look for the charges when they lose contact with them?” asked Claw. “I mean when we take the entities from their bodies and replace them; they must wonder why they can’t keep contact with them.”
“They can’t come here!” said the Master. “That’s the best part. Guides get their energy from the One, not converted from the sun like we do on Earth. If they come here they will be used up within minutes. They are as helpless against us as humans!”
“It makes me wonder about that scrap of a Scourge that dragged in earlier. He was whining about the Conway family. Saying how there were disembodied entities already there trying to fight back and how the family that hadd been taken was keeping the others out of the house.”
“That’s happened before,” the Master admitted. His tone grew more menacing as he reflected on the small resistance. “Some newly displaced corporeals that are still all full of human energy think they have a chance against us. I sent my sons to take care of the situation. They should be back any time.” The twins, known only as The Brazen One and The Hidden One had been gone for over a day. Each of the brackish cretans was the pride of their father. Pure unadulterated evil was their sole purpose for existence. For their father, they were the best of what any Scourge follower could aspire to. The purity of their corruption left no room for that annoying spark of humanity that was so difficult to beat down with some of the corporeal entities that were ripped from their bodies.
“Yes Master,” said Claw. “I am sure they will take care of the Conway situation.”
“Of course they will. See that they report to me as soon as they arrive. I suspect they’ve found some delicious malice to entertain themselves with on the way.”
“Yes Master.” Claw backed toward the door.
“And Claw, silence the resistant ones. Those screams can be their last if they no longer have a mouth or throat to scream with!”
Claw scuttled through the doorway, relieved to have avoided his master’s fury for the moment. As he shuffled down the winding hallway, he could hear his master slamming the doorway in an attempt to block out the sound.
The Master returned to his meditations, but recalling his son’s absence brought unpleasant thoughts to his mind. The followers who had been sent to take the Conway family had been delayed for days. The family should have been an easy target; all that the Scourge entities needed to do was take over one human body at a time until each of the corporeal spirits was removed from the bodies and left adrift on Earth. That was a simple task. Their human eyes could not even see the entities coming for their bodies. How could they prepare against the attack? How could they hope to resist? Yet there were complications. Complications; how could that even happen? Human corporeals had no power over him or his followers.
The cloaked figure drifted in short bursts to rest before a large book that lay open upon his desk. His gray moldering fingers gripped the desk as he hovered before the ancient text. There was no mistake. His control over the followers was absolute.
“Human free will,” his words were forceful as they wheezed through the flesh covered orifice where his mouth belonged. “No, their will is mine!” A shuddering laugh racked through the figure’s extended frame like a dull tremor.

Author Biography:


Sara B. Gauldin grew up in a small Virginia town. Her parents taught her to dream big and to reach for her goals. She began writing at a very young age. She spent most of her childhood days dreaming happily.

Sara began her career as a computer technician. This profession funded a new pursuit; becoming a teacher. Sara currently works as a full time teacher, an author, a blogger and a part time book blogger.

Learn more about Sara Gauldin’s writing by visiting her blog, SEBGwrites!

Don’t miss Sara B. Gauldin’s amazing books! Click HERE!


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