Worlds of imagination by Sara B. Gauldin

Stolen Moments

The writing world will swallow you up if you allow it to.  I find myself trying to find a balance between writing and my daily existence and failing miserably!  Writing and then marketing that creation time is consuming and for me the introvert a welcome distraction from everyday life that wears me out and uses me up.  I say that I failed because I did not keep that balance of wife, mom, teacher, author that I thought I was managing quite well.  At this point, writing has been relegated to stolen moments and my lunch break.  I do not feel that it is wise or advisable to give up on my writing career as it its beginning.  I will just have to be more conscientious of other people’s needs before I allow myself to be swept into a world of introverted and imaginary bliss.
That being said, I have made a new discovery.  Writing in quick and intense bursts is not necessarily a bad thing. I have found that my word count is growing on my sequel for The Corporeal Pull quite nicely.  My editing and reworking time is really where I am making the most cuts.  In the long run, that is alright.  I can use summer break to rework my chapters, so long as I have managed to produce the chapters as I go.

Speaking of which, I have a few moments now and a chapter that is dying to be written!

A few quick updates:

I recently chose to join the Independent Author Network.  My work is featured at:

I also was featured on the Clean Indie Read blog:
Check this blog out for awesome flinch-free fiction and a great group of talented authors!

Don’t miss Sara B. Gauldin’s amazing books! Click HERE!

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