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An Interview with Terra Roland: The Main Character of Alive: The Corporeal Pull

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Alive: The Corporeal Pull by Sara B. Gauldin

Interviewer: Today I am joined by Terra Roland, the central character from the hit new Young Adult novel, Alive; The Corporeal Pull. I must say Miss Roland; you look amazingly young considering your claim to have been in existence for over 1,000 years.

Terra: (laughs) I have been in existence, but that is not the length of my human lifetime! Your chronological age rarely matches your term of existence. We guides are not limited my mortality… well until I made my choice and wound up born into a mortal body!

Interviewer: I wanted to ask you about that. What made you decide to follow Liam when he transitioned to Earth?

Terra: You are only half right about my intentions. I wanted to follow Liam, but into destruction. I never meant to end up here on Earth. I thought I would be destroyed completely; yet here I am! I don’t know why, but I think this is my chance to set things right. If I can stop the Scourge form reaching Liam, then maybe I have a purpose here. I was not given a set purpose like the entities that were created for a mortal life.

Interviewer: I have been told that you have made claims that something called the Scourge is causing some of the problems here in the United States? What is that? And why are you the only one mentioning this problem if it is as wide spread as you say?

Terra: (is visibly shaken) The Scourge is a very real threat. This “trend” of evil is difficult for people to understand because it is not something most individuals can see directly. I think there are some people who are aware of a new reckless evil that is taking hold in our communities. I am not talking about the baser elements of human nature. I am referring to evil that is done for its own sake. I think everybody would agree that the rate of acts of violence and depravity that cannot be explained have increased tremendously. Mortal eyes may not see the cause; human minds may not remember the immortal world, but no one can deny the results of this force.

Interviewer: Whoa! I did not mean to upset you. Let’s move on to a lighter topic. You and Liam… Any big plans for the future?

Terra: To be honest, my only plans involve trying to turn the tide of the Scourge so that we can HAVE a future. Until then, our paths will never really be our own, but that does not mean that I won’t keep fighting for the chance to have those future plans you mentioned.

Interviewer: Well I for one will be excited to see what happens next! Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions!

Terra: I’m glad to do it. I think people need to become aware of what they are really being exposed to.

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