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All industry must change with the times. The business in question is under a large amount of public pressure. There is good reason for the intensity of the demand, but the scope of what the industry is capable of producing and the resources at its disposal are grossly misunderstood.


For the sake of protecting the anonymity of this business please envision an office type environment. The office is a professional working environment. The employees are educated individuals. They are required to hold at least a Bachelor’s degree that is targeted to the specifications of each individual’s position and must also undergo extensive testing to obtain certification to be qualified for the position. Unqualified individuals are not hired. There is no working your way up the ladder. The position is stable but there is no room for advancement, ever. The schedule is ridged but allows for family time and has fair vacation leave during specific portions of the year. Aside from the preselected times employees are allowed three personal day per year. Benefits are minimal. Insurance is offered, but family coverage costs more than half of an employee’s take home pay. There is an attractive pension plan that allows for a decent retirement for employees working a full thirty plus years but the budget is tight and there is talk in upper management that this benefit will be reduced or cut for new employees. Of course pay must be a consideration for any job; this business starts at an attractive 30,000 per year. This is a bit lower than the rough average of 50,000 for other graduates with comparable degrees. Of course the selling point here is time with family, stable hours and job security. Are you ready to apply?

Employees must be dedicated individuals, the job involves hours of personal time outside of the typical work day. Work needs to be taken home and completed on a tight schedule. The volume of work tends to increase in direct correlation to time and trendy new methodology that may or not be effective, but will result in an extensive amount of paperwork, new materials being created or purchased and a large amount or research and planning. Typically the work related to a new method is not retired, but will be continued in addition to new methods. Basic materials such as a work space, a desk, a computer and access to a telephone are provided by the company. The employee must provide, procure or create other materials necessary for daily productivity and effectiveness. Other materials that the employees will need to do their jobs include paper, writing utensils, office equipment including staplers, tape, paper clips, wall decor, other decorating motif, literature and any other materials that may become necessary. Employees are expected to provide these materials should they become needed. That application is still available, are you ready to fill it out?


Employees are required to stay current. Some training and continuing education is available. Some of the training must be in the form of qualifying college courses that must be approved by the employer. The employee will incur the cost of these classes. Employees are encouraged, verbally to seek higher level degrees in their field of expertise. In exchange the yearly salary will be raised 1,800 per year. In 23 short years the cost of a 40,000 master’s degree will be recouped by the raised salary of the employee. It is very tempting.

Some job benefits are more internal. Employees will go to work each day with the understanding and expectation that they will make a positive difference in the world. They have the advantage of working with the public in a beneficial way that is not greedy or entitled. The idea that each person has the potential to help another is a substantial way can be highly gratifying. As a career advances a true sense of generativity can be fulfilled. If you want to make a difference in the world, this job is for you!


Productivity is key as with any industry. There is no cookie cutter solution or interchangeable parts. Every situation is unique and requires individual technique, consideration and preparation. Increasingly, situations are complicated by various limitations that cannot be foreseen. Productivity cannot be sacrificed; limitations are no excuse for any form of short coming. The level of effectiveness and rate of exchange should be no different despite and setbacks or limitations. Act now! You can be part of this amazing career!

Working with the public is sometimes tumultuous. The subject matter involved In this industry is sensitive for many people. The public takes less personal responsibility for the well being or success of this industry and those who benefit from it. The public is quick to critique any perceived shortcoming, even if they did not originate for the industry. Rather that coming to the aid of the industry, big bail outs have left this business out of the loop. They are expected to do more with less. And amazingly they do meet success far more often than failure.

A new element has now been added to the job requirements; security. For whatever reason this altruistic industry has been exploited for its vulnerability; the very people it helps. There are some who would seek to harm those who are employed to help, and those that they serve.


Are you ready to take on this exciting new position? Are you excited to find out the jobs title?



You too can join the exciting industry of education, where educated, proficient, socialized and self-sufficient individuals who are destined for greater things and brighter futures are expected to roll off the line, ready for the world at large!

When you see teachers, please see them for what they really are, dedicated, and underpaid civil servants who teach because teaching is a calling. They do receive a paycheck and appreciate job security, but when you think of what they provide, education, security for children who have no stability, moral and behavioral guidelines for life, inspiration, motivation and life perspective in exchange for the knowledge that they made a difference.


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