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My Review of ~New Dimension~ Intergalactic Terrorist by J.F. Monahan

book-cover Intergalactic

As I read this book, I found myself transported through the bounds of time and space. My science fiction loving mind was thrilled at the grand perspective that gradually narrowed through space and time to focus on the speck of dust we now call Earth. On this inconsequential planet, we are introduced to Charlie Pinwright, “possibly the most forgettable man on earth.” This character clearly does not fit in on his world in any form, but continues to exist despite his comical rejection by his surroundings. A strange twist of events leads him to become abducted by an alien in a clunker space ship and set adrift in space with no possibility of returning to his planet of origin. Meanwhile, a great battle is being waged. The dwarves have captured a magic crystal from their orc adversaries. This crystal is of great importance to the magical community, but the realization that the very order of space has in some way been altered takes precedence. The simultaneous realization that the fabric of space has been changed drives the story forward towards even more fantastic and eyebrow-raising antics. This book is a ticket to sure-fire entertainment for any who appreciate sci-fi, high fantasy or thinly veiled humor!

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One comment on “My Review of ~New Dimension~ Intergalactic Terrorist by J.F. Monahan

  1. josephmonahan1
    April 6, 2014

    Reblogged this on Films, Books and Stuffs! and commented:
    Great little review of my book ‘Intergalactic Terrorist’

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